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Hanel Investment and Trading JSC (Hanel Trading JSC) would like to send our honored customers and partners the warmest greetings!


With starting from Sales & Marketing Department of Hanoi Electronics Company (Now Hanel Limited Company), Hanel Trading was officially established on October, 2006 with the main mission to develop key areas of Hanel Limited Company such as Electronics, Home appliances, Refrigeration and IT products under Hanel brand..


After 10 years of establishment, Hanel Trading is moving vigorously and targets to become a reputation company - an investor, distributor and exporter in many business fields such as Electronics; Home appliances; Information technology; Security monitoring equipment; Broadcasting equipment; Medical equipment and Functional food for health care in Vietnam.


On the other hand, We are proud  of the key member of Hanel Company Limited to continuously developing, expanding and keep innovating core area which takes us advantage business such us: Electrical appliances - Electronics - Information Technology.  Therefore, during pass ten year, Hanel trading had become one of the best brand in distribution, as well as we received trustworthy by partners and customers


Having these successes, first thanks to the Company Board of Directors who has determined the correct development strategy as well as the devotion of enthusiastic and capable staff team. However, the most important factor and the driving force for our development is the trust of customers, partners, our parent company (Hanel Limited Company) as well as the subsidiaries of Hanel, who have been always with Hanel Trading on the step development process over the years.


Finally, Hanel Trading will always be partner for your prosperity and sustainability. We wish you health, happiness and success. Best regards!

Chairman & CEO                    








Bui Thi Hai Yen